Vera A. McEwen
Author, Coach, Speaker

Coaching is the art of curiosity...

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My focus is what I call The Sawubona Effect. Sawubona in Zulu means “We see you.” The Sawubona Effect adds to this “We hear you, We believe in you, and you matter”. I bring the Sawubona Effect to all aspects of my diverse vocation as: speaker, trainer,  coach, CranioSacral Therapist, and the Pastor and founder of Love God Ministries. I love building others up. I love assisting leaders on their intrapersonal and interpersonal development and growth journey.  I work with teams to grow and be excited about what they offer to their community and to the world.  My forte is assisting people on their spiritual, mental, and physical wellness journey.  I work to embody the Love of Christ through witness and discipleship. My primary emphasis with JMT is to inspire leaders to create excellence in their lives and communities. I do this by partnering with corporations as a speaker, trainer, and coach. With God’s help I use my speaking, training, and coaching gifts to grow corporate and church leaders, developing each person, as I truly believe we are all leaders. I completed my MDIV academic studies at Luther Seminary in May 2019. I am the first Pastor of African descent to be ordained at Zion Lutheran Church in Ann Arbor Michigan. I am currently applying for a doctorate in religious studies with an emphasis on Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic as encouraged by my professors at seminary. My combined vocations as Pastor, JMT Speaker - Trainer - Coach, and CranioSacral Therapist empower me to create a whole-body wellness design for anyone looking to grow and flourish! THE most important aspect of the Sawubona Effect is the Zulu response to Sawubona. The response is Shiboka. Shiboka means I exist for you!

Vera A. McEwen


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